Halfway to Our Goal With Feeding America

December 20, 2011Blog

By Tony Jarboe, NFU communications coordinator It is the holiday season, and for many, that means giving gifts, spending time with family, and eating lots of food. Unfortunately, for 37 million hungry Americans, the holiday season means little more than just searching for the next meal. That is why NFU has partnered with Feeding America … Read More

Buy Fresh; Eat Local Recipes

December 6, 2011Blog

By Maria Miller, NFU education director Here is the second in a series of recipes from the NFU Beginning Farmer Institute Class of 2011 using an ingredient they raise on the farm.  This comes to you fresh from the Erin Schneider farm in Wisconsin. Salsa Verde 1 1/2 cup tomatillo (slightly roasted) 1/2 cup onion … Read More

New Labor Rules Must Allow Children to Continue Learning About Agriculture

December 6, 2011Blog

By Tony Jarboe, NFU communications coordinator Last week NFU submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Labor regarding proposed revisions for the child labor regulations. While child safety is a top priority for NFU, we must be careful not to tighten regulations to the point that it discourages young workers from helping out on the … Read More

Horse: It’s NOT What’s for Dinner

December 5, 2011Blog

By Tony Jarboe, NFU communications coordinator The agriculture appropriations bill signed by President Obama shortly before Thanksgiving contained a little-known provision that allowed funding to be used to inspect horse slaughterhouses. The inspections were defunded in 2006, meaning that horse meat could no longer legally be sold in the U.S. A June report by the … Read More