June 22, 2022

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WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Senate Agriculture Committee favorably reported S. 3870, the Meat and Poultry Special Investigator Act of 2022 and S. 4030, the Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act of 2022. Both of these NFU-supported bills will foster much-needed competition in the meat and poultry sector.

“For family farmers and ranchers to thrive, they need markets that offer adequate price discovery and transparency,” said NFU President Rob Larew. “NFU strongly supports the Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act of 2022, which will preserve the cash market as an option for cattle producers by establishing regional minimums for cash trades, and through other provisions. The move to advance the Meat and Poultry Special Investigator Act, on the heels of action by the House Agriculture Committee to do the same, is also a welcome move towards boosting enforcement of competition laws that get to the bottom of abusive market practices.

“Today’s passage of these two bills is a very important step towards fairness for farmers. I’d like thank Chairwoman Stabenow for her leadership in supporting and moving these bills forward. I would also like to thank Senators Fischer, Tester, Grassley, and Wyden for guiding the progress of Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act, and greatly appreciate the cosponsors of each of the bills. NFU urges for swift passage of both S. 3870 and S. 4030 by the full Senate.”

Today’s successful markup is another sign of momentum on issues facing farmers and ranchers after decades of consolidation in the livestock industry. These bills, paired with the recent House passage of the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act are great strides forward in NFU’s work for Fairness for Farmers.

Through its Fairness for Farmers campaign, NFU has been working to bring many of the issues addressed by this legislation into the national spotlight, including pushing back against corporate monopolies, broadening market opportunities, expanding processing capabilities, and addressing supply chain vulnerabilities.


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