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Farm Credit East, a farmer-owned cooperative, recently released its 2015 industry outlook report. This report examines challenges and opportunities for Northeast agriculture, as well as the impact of broader economic trends and conditions on our region’s farm businesses.

“Farming, forestry and fishing businesses have rapidly become knowledge-based businesses,” said Bill Lipinski, Farm Credit East CEO. “At Farm Credit East, we have an incredible network of agricultural experts, both internally and industry professionals, that are knowledgeable of industry trends and information. Our goal of this report was to collect our knowledge and analysis resources to pass along to our members to help them prepare their businesses for the future.”

This report opens with an article on the key elements of an effective business plan. Following, Farm Credit East senior leaders provide information on business insights and perspectives for the coming year.

In addition, the report features seven short perspective papers from some of the industry’s top thought leaders, including:

  • Dr. Michael Goodman, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, takes a look at the U.S. economy;
  • Dr. Rigoberto Lopez, Nataliya Plesha and Dr. Benjamin Campbell, from University of Connecticut, review agriculture’s contributions to the Northeast economy;
  • Dr. Jack Lutz, Forest Research Group, looks at the economics of the forest products industry;
  • Dr. Mark Stephenson, University of Wisconsin, considers commodity futures markets and what dairy farmers can learn from them;
  • Dr. Carl Zulauf, Ohio State University, talks about the outlook for grain and oilseed in 2015;
  • Dr. Andrew Novakovic, Cornell University, talks about how your philosophy and approach to farm bill programs will influence sign-up choices; and
  • Jim Bittner, New York Farm Viability Institute, explains what’s happening with applied research in specialty crops.

This report, titled Northeast Agriculture 2015: Insights and Perspectives, was compiled by Farm Credit East in the first quarter of 2015. The purpose of the report was to provide our customer-members with economic analysis and outlook information to assist in business planning. To view a full copy of the report contact your local Farm Credit East office or click here.


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