Artisan Beverage Cooperative, a Greenfield, Mass.-based maker of high quality beverages, a worker-owned co-operative, and a New England Farmers Union member, recently secured approval of its Direct Public Offering (DPO) to Massachusetts residents. This method of “investment-based crowd-funding” is not widely known, but is being pioneered by socially-responsible, mission-based companies such as Equal Exchange, Real Pickles, and Dorchester Community Food Co-op.

artbevA DPO turns social capital into financial capital and community equity. Artisan Beverage Cooperative has built strong community support by making much-loved Katalyst Kombucha, Green River Ambrosia Meads, and Ginger Libation, while maintaining a social and environmental mission.

Now it is looking to like-minded co-operators to help it increase its capacity to serve that mission, which is to work directly with local farmers and small farm co-operatives internationally; pay its suppliers and workers fairly; support regenerative farming practices; and continue to create high-quality beverages produced locally in a democratically-run co-operative workplace.

Artisan Beverage Cooperative’s DPO allows both accredited and non-accredited (most people) investors to invest a minimum of $2,500 to purchase stock to support its expansion plans. It is offering up to $1.5 million in investment from Massachusetts residents by selling non-voting, preferred stock with a 5 percent target dividend. See or contact them at 413-773-9700 for more information.

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